We design, finance, construct and operate solar+battery power plants for communities, estates and large enterprises. 

Our solar solutions are modular and deliver tier 4, 50Hz, three phase or single power and are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities for management and control.

We offer our solutions on a per kilowatt-hour basis, energy-as-a-services (EaaS) or out-right purchase. 

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Backup Solutions
With this solution, say goodbye to power outages.
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Enterprise Solutions
Use your roof space or parking lot to generate your own electricity with environmentally friendly solar power.
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Electrify an entire village with full-scale, single phase or 3 phase electricity incorporating a distribution network and smart metering.
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The Technology


A Technology designed in collaboration with the institute of electronic and electrical engineering, IEEE Smart Village. It has the following characteristics:

  • Modular, Easy to upgrade.
  • Easy to install or uninstall.
  • User friendly dashboard.
  • Remote monitoring/Control capabilities.
  • Flexible, Easy to configure in 3 phase or Single Phase.
  • Supports AC coupling.

Our process


We assess the demand and design the solution


We estimate the value of investment needed and choose a plan


We install the solution


We monitor and maintain

kW Installed


Sites in operation


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