Some of our executed projects

We designed, constructed and are operating pilot solar mini-grids and solar stand alone systems for productive uses of energy, in four regions of Cameroon.  These pilots provide access to tier 4, 50Hz, single phase and three phase electricity services to businesses, institutions and household in the localities.

We also designed and installed solar backup systems for private institutions and businesses, reducing their carbon footprints, saving them money and increasing their resiliency to power blackouts.

CRS Yaounde (December 2023)

- 25kWp PV
- 10.6kWh Storage
- On-grid/Backup System
- 12kWp PV
- 17.2kWh Storage
- On-grid/Backup System
- 54kWp PV
- 72kWh storage
- Mini-grid system
- 3.7kWp PV
- 8.6kWh storage
- Stand alone system
- 3kWp PV
- 9kWh Storage
- 1.5km Distribution network (Single Phase)
- 30kWp PV
- 54kWh Storage
- 6km Distribution network (Single Phase)

Major projects under development

We are currently developing an expansion project called “project 134” to electrify 100+ villages in four Regions of Cameroon using solar mini-grids by 2026.

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Some of our R&D projects in progress.

As innovators, we are committed to continuously improving our products and processes thereby offering the most relevant and innovative technologies to our clients.