Solar Micro-grid Systems

Mix-grid systems for off-grid electrification

We provide high-tech modular AC and DC micro-grid systems with smart metering for off-grid electrification. 

The systems are purposely designed to be portable, easy to install, maintain and upgrade. Smart metering and remote monitoring capabilities give the systems an added advantage.  

The systems are best suited for electrification of villages with population densities from as low as 50 households to as high as 1000 household. 


Market Access Program


A Program that Connects farmers in remote electrified off-grid communities to a large network of buyers using a digital platform.   

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A digital market platform with an android App for small-scale farmers. 

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Education Program

EdEasy Platform

A program that promotes gainful education in electrified off-grid communities with emphases on the adoption of modern technology to improve life and productivity.


EdEasy is accessible in the communities through dedicated local WiFi hotpots using any android device  such as mobile phones and tablets.

The program focuses on vocational training, incorporating basic literacy, numeracy and ICT for youths and adults. 

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A digital platform with offline content providing audio/visual lessons.

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