Products and Services

Mini AC Grids

We build solar AC mini-grid systems for large off-grid communities with nucleated settlements and sell electricity (in KWh) using prepaid meters to local businesses and homes.

Micro DC or mixed Grids

We build solar DC micro-grid systems for small clustered off-grid communities with very low and primarily DC energy needs. Electricity is sold using schemes that make it affordable to those living in the locality.

Custom Solar Power System - CSPS

These are photovoltaic systems designed to meet the client's specific energy needs. Under this, the following services are provided: 

  1. Preliminary Studies
  2. Design and procurement
  3. Installation and Testing

Standard Solar Power System - SSPS

These are photovoltaic systems of fixed sizes, sold as a complete package to the client. Sizes available are 300W, 700W and 1200W.

Electrical Appliances/Equipment

We provide solar charging stations for potable rechargeable battery devices for communities with dispersed settlements.


We also sell water pumps, solar water heaters, energy efficient bulbs, solar lamps and solar chargers.