Sabongari Computer center

Education in Off-grid Communities.

Proper education is a necessary part of our rural electrification process. 

We foster job creation by enhancing skill development in vocational trades found in the electrified community. 

Youths and adults interesting in pursuing a career in vocational trade such as tailoring, woodwork, welding, etc sign up for the program and go through a basic literacy, numeracy and ICT training to improve their communication, maths and marketing skills prior to starting training in any trades. 

All lessons are in a YouTube-style audio/visual format and can be accessed using android mobile phones or tablets through local hotspots in the electrified communities. The program allows them to study at their pace. 

The digital lessons are inter-spaced with visits to a computer/practical lab in their locally dedicated to the program.  

The ultimate goal of program is to provide training and guidance to the learners to make them experts in their trades with good communication and marketing skills.  

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The Sabongari computer center now serves as the practical training center for learners on EdEasy digital learning platform in the area. 


A support from IEEE Smart VIllage

New laptops

The Computer Center was just equipped with several new laptops to be used as practical tools for the EdEasy digital education program.

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