Solar off-grid electrification.


Our motivation is the continuous desire and opportunity to make life better for people living the rural communities.

We do this using a three pillared business approach of electrification, education and economic development. This approach provides the foundation for rapid sustainable development of the communities.  



an enabler to sustainable development. 

Meet Our Customers

Madam Senkum Eveline starting a Yogurt business.

Mrs. Senkum Eveline

Madam Senkum Evelyn is a business lady in Sabongari.

She was sad when she had to follow her husband with the family on transfer to this remote village of Sabonagri. Madam Senkum  owned and operated a hairdressing business in the vibrant city of Dschang in the Western Region of Cameroon where there was abundant grid power. Moving to Sabongari was like an end to her business. But to her greatest and pleasant  surprise,  she arrived Sabongari and found out that she could still carry out her business from electricity provided by REIc's 30kWp solar mini-grid plant. 

She got connected and soon identified a second business, the opportunity to sell yogurt in the community. With a micro-loan, Madam Sekum was able to acquire a freezer and materials for her yogurt business  and now operates both businesses in Sabongari. 

From the businesses, she has employed sales agents for the yogurt and is training young girls in hairdressing in the community. This is creating employment and improving her economic status.